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Skin Diagnosis
Ulé Beauty
Ulé Beauty

The science behind our formulas

Our patent-pending Pure 3otany™ Extract* revives skin to obtain transformative and long-term results. Inspired by nature's ability to adapt and defend itself against its environment, it stimulates skin's natural collagen synthesis, increases cell renewal and boosts skin's defence against oxidative stress*.

Combined with powerful active ingredients, our Pure 3otany™ Extract acts on the causes of premature skin ageing for smoother, more radiant, younger-looking skin.

*Ex vivo test. Proteomic analysis.

joie de youth serum
joie de youth serum

Proven results for your skin

We've studied over 400 proteins to prove that our Pure 3otany™ Extract* revives skin by acting on the causes of premature skin ageing:

>Regenerates and synthesises what is beneficial to the skin to maintain its youthful appearance.

Centella: +28% cell renewal and collagen synthesis to improve firmness and wrinkles.

>Neutralises what is bad, such as stress factors, to limit accelerated ageing.

Tulsi: +31% defence against oxidative stress for even skin tone and natural radiance

>Protects the skin against future damage to stay one step ahead of ageing.

Coleus: +35% cellular protection to strengthen the skin barrier

*Ex vivo test. Proteomic analysis.

The Science
The Science

Nature powered by artificial intelligence

At the heart of our Pure 3otany™ Extract is a trinity of high-performance botanicals with long-established benefits for skin and health. All three plants are known adaptogens, meaning they help the skin adapt and thrive by activating its own biological responses at a molecular level.

Coleus for protection, Centella for regeneration and Tulsi for relaxation. The plants are grown in ideal conditions on our vertical farm using artificial intelligence, harvested by hand at the right time and used from root to leaf, because we believe that the sum is always greater than the parts.

The Science
The Science

Our Extraction method

The botanicals in our Pure 3otany™ Extract are cold-ground and undergo a proprietary extraction process that respects the integrity of the plant, extracting the maximum amount of potent molecules. Our active concentrations far exceed anything currently available in the skincare category, with our serums boasting a potent 55% concentration of Pure 3otany™ Extract. What's more, we combine unique proportions of our three botanicals - Centella, Coleus and Tulsi - tailoring their benefits to the skin's needs. You can find the specific ratio by looking for the code on the packaging.

The Science
The Science

Active ingredients

Our patent-pending, bio-efficient* Pure 3otany™ Extract is combined with renowned active ingredients to multiply the skin's benefits. From hyaluronic acid and peptides to almond milk and lavender extract, we source all our ingredients as locally as possible and ensure they are clinically tested in our formulas to deliver optimal results for your skin.

*Activation of the skin's biological functions

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