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About us

Image Video Ulé Beauty | Ulé
Image Video Ulé Beauty | Ulé

Who we are

We are the future of natural skincare.

lindsay azpitarte et sandrine henrie fondatrices ulé
lindsay azpitarte et sandrine henrie fondatrices ulé

Our story

Ulé is the vision of long-time beauty industry expert, Lindsay Azpitarte. Currently employed at Shiseido, and after more than 20 years in the industry, she realized that she shared the unfulfilled expectations of consumers who were looking for products that took a more conscious approach to high-performance products. To help create her vision, Lindsay has assembled a team of cosmetic experts and forward-thinking innovators , that share her passion to move beauty positively forward. while leaning on the Shiseido Group, for their extensive knowledge on R&D and product performance

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Our mission

We believe in meaningful progress.

Our formulas are obtained through an avant-garde method of culture that guarantees the purity and power of the plants to give you more resilient skin.

We have created a sustainable way of beauty for those who want to enjoy life to the fullest, in harmony with the environment.

Our Formulas

Crafted With Purpose

Each formula is crafted with a minimalist spirit and starts with a plant concentrate as a base—which makes them fundamentally active, not just activated. The ingredients act in harmony with each other and have been measured in precise proportions to complement each other in the most reasoned way possible. Pure, clean, and highly concentrated with a minimum of 96% coming from natural origins.

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our philosophy

It’s in

our Nature

We believe that life should be enjoyed, and our mission is to create a sustainable way of beauty that allows us to celebrate the nature around us—as well as the one within. Learn more about our philosophy and our greener optimism for the future.

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