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Lindsay et Sandrine Ulé Beauty

Our story

Ulé is the vision of long-time beauty industry expert, Lindsay Azpitarte. Currently employed at Shiseido, and after more than 20 years in the industry, she realized that she shared the unfulfilled expectations of consumers who were looking for products that took a more conscious approach to high-performance products.

To help create her vision, Lindsay has assembled a team of cosmetic experts and forward-thinking innovators , that share her passion to move beauty positively forward. while leaning on the Shiseido Group, for their extensive knowledge on R&D and product performance

Ulé Beauty About Us
Ulé Beauty About Us

The Future Of Nature

At Ulé, we are dedicated to creating a conscious shift in the beauty industry that transforms and elevates the very idea of “beauty” into one of pleasurable wellbeing—for ourselves, for others, and the planet. 

As the first beauty brand to integrate vertical farming into skincare, we are pushing boundaries to reveal the full potential of nature.


Our Formulas

Boost Skin Resilience

Our formulas are born in our Ulé Eco-Farm, where we use a scientific craftsmanship to harvest and extract whole, pure plants that have been proven to powerfully improve skin resilience.

Every drop is packed with the highest levels of vitamins and minerals. The result is resilient skin that appears healthy, strong and visibly supple and radiant— no matter your skin type or lifestyle.   

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Ulé Beauty
Ulé Beauty
Ulé Beauty
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