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Ulé Beauty
Ulé Beauty

Our Story

A few words from Lindsay

After 20+ years in the beauty industry, testing new products on my skin every day—my skin stopped responding to ingredients. It was over-assisted, underserved, and wanting for nutrients that were missing from my endless collection of skin care; something natural, effective and thoroughly restorative.

Inspired by nature's innate, adaptive ability, and with the help of Shiseido, I assembled a team of experts and forward-thinking innovators, including doctors, chemist, botanist and nutritionist, to formulate a routine that would help skin regain its own power to thrive. A team that shared my vision to move beauty forward by taking a more conscious approach from ingredient function, to environmental impact. My hope is to inspire a new vision for beauty, focused on innovation and performance, that allows everyone to feel good in their skin, without guilt—we call it joie de vivre.

With care, Lindsay
Founder of Ulé

Our Vision
Our vision

Our mission

We believe that the best solutions are the ones already within ourselves. Inspired by nature's ability to powerfully adapt to the external environment around it, we aim to deliver the same inner strength to you and your skin. By working towards a future where we rely less on external factors and more on our internal resilience, we can create a more sustainable and conscious world.

Consciously Clean

We never compromise on being consciously clean. Every product is created with love and purpose so both you and your skin can enjoy a moment of "joie" (French for 'joy'). Our formulas contain the essential ingredients in the best concentrations to act together with our Pure 3otany™ Blend for healthy-looking skin that feels and looks transformed.

  • natural origin
    Min. 96% of Natural Origin Ingredients (ISO 16128)
  • Clean
    We exclude 2X more than the industry average : No Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates, 100% natural fragrances (no essential oils)
  • traceable new
    100% traceable ingredients for maximum quality
  • vegan new
    Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • check
    Tested under dermatological control, Adapted for sensitive skin
  • made in france
Ulé Beauty
Ulé Beauty

Eco-design packaging

We create packaging with a reduced use of plastic and only recycled or recyclable materials to minimize our environmental impact. All our components are sourced in Europe and assembled in France.

* Our lids are made with bio-sourced materials called Sulapac™, composed from wood chips and plant-based binders.

* Our containers are made of recycled and drawn glass, making them ultra-light.

* The lacquer used is eco-responsible so it does not release polluting particles and increases resistance to shocks.

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