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Skin Diagnosis
Glow Routine
Glow Routine

How to apply the routine ?

how to use make up remover ulé beauty

1. Take a dab of the makeup remover balm and apply it on dry skin. Massage gently. Remove any excess with a reusable towel or cotton pad, or rinse with clear water.

Reve of Pure - Application - Step 1

2. Work the texture of the cleansing gel into a light foam with your wet hands. Apply it in circular motions to your wet face and rinse with clear water.

C-Bright Serum Ulé Beauty

3. Apply a few small drops of serum directly onto face.Tone your skin with gentle upward movements into the frown lines and the oval of your face.

C Bright Serum Ulé Beauty

4. Gently apply the cream into skin from interior to exterior. Don't forget to apply your routine on the neck and décolleté.

Ulé Beauty
Ulé Beauty

Pure 3otany™ Extract

The Science behind our formulas

Tailor-made and patent-pending , our botanical extract - Pure 3otany™ Extract - stimulates natural collagen production, enhances cellular renewal, and reinforces antioxidant defenses. It works in combination with renown active ingredients (hyaluronic acid, peptides, ceramides, etc.) to revive the skin and address the causes of premature aging.

Eco Farm Ulé Beauty
Eco Farm

Our vertical

In collaboration with doctors, engineers, agronomists, and a scientific university, Ulé cultivates three adaptogenic plants within its eco-farm in France, at the origin of the Pure 3otany™ Extract. Unprecedented in cosmetics, this farm leverages artificial intelligence to obtain fresh and blossomed pure plants highly concentrated in nutrients.

Marie Claire

Ulé was awarded in 2023 the Marie Claire Beauty Excellence Prize in the Young & Commited Brand Category.

Ulé Beauty

"Cutting-edge, clean products, made in France, that enhance and strengthen your skin day after day"

Ulé Beauty

"Concentrated botanical extracts that regenerate the skin"

Ulé Beauty

"A cosmetics jewel that combines the best of natural beauty with the technologies and science of the future."

Ulé Beauty

"Centella, Coleus, Tulsi: a super plant cocktail for ultra-effective high-end cosmetics"

Ulé Beauty

"Surprising and committed, this is a new era in cosmetics"

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