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The science behind our formulas

Made with a collective of doctors, botanists and scientists, and backed by the expertise of Shiseido R&D, our signature patent-pending extract - the Pure 3otany™ Blend - doesn't just fix the appearance of skin, it retrains skin to find its healthy-looking state for good.

Inspired by nature's own ability to adapt and defend itself against its environment, our formulas activate 3 vital skin functions*, to help your skin to regenerate what is good, neutralize what is bad, and protect from futur damages. By fully supporting the biological structure of skin, it can thrive on its own. Healthy, supple and hydrated skin are here for good.

*ex vivo analyse proteomique on P3B

joie de youth serum
joie de youth serum

Proven results for your skin

Proteins, at the heart of our science.

Proteins are the building blocks of your skin. We studied more than 400 proteins to prove the effects of our Pure 3otany™ Blend in boosting 3 vital skin functions* to teach your skin to find its healthy-looking state for good and slow down signs of aging

*Regenerates and synthesizes what is beneficial to your skin to maintain its youthful look.
Centella : +28% cellular renewal and collagen synthesis.

*Neutralizes what is bad such as stress factors to limit accelerated aging.
Tulsi : +31% defense against oxidative stress.

*Protects your skin from future damage to always be one step ahead of ageing.
Coleus : +35% cellular protection (Heat Shock Proteins).

*ex vivo analyse proteomique on PBB

The Science
The Science

Advanced botanicals

At the heart of the Pure 3otany™ Blend is a trinity of high-performance botanicals known for their benefits and efficacy on skin : Coleus for protection, Centella for regeneration and Tulsi to destress.

The three plants are adaptogens which means that they activate skin's own biological responses at a molecular level to help your skin adapt and thrive to its environment. The plants are grown in ideal conditions in our Eco-Farm and hand-harvested at the right moment.

The Science
The Science

Our Extraction method

The botanicals in the Pure 3otany™ Blend are cold-milled from root to leaf, and undergo a proprietary extraction process that draw the maximum amount of potent molecules. Our active concentrations far exceed what is currently in the beauty industry, with our serums boasting a potent 55% concentration. Even more, each formula contains a unique ratio of our three plants to adapt to your skin needs.

The Science
The Science

Active ingredients

The Pure 3otany™ Blend helps your skin regain all of its self-repair capabilities. Stronger, your skin is better prepared to make the most of the benefits of our added active ingredients that target specific skin needs.

We pay particular attention to the origin of our active ingredients, favouring local sourcing, and ensure that each formula is clinically tested to deliver visible results for your skin.

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