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Digital Product Passport

The Ulé digital passport connects your physical product to its digital identity, offering key information on origin, history and ownership.

Thanks to its blockchain-backed technology, you will be the true owner of this Digital Product Passport and you will get access to exclusive services and offers from Ulé. Your Digital Passport will remain accessible for life from your phone!

The Ulé Digital Product Passport is only available for Le C-Bright serum purchased on the website

● Access enriched and dynamic product information

● Collect your special gift until February 29th!

● Receive personalized messages from Ulé

● Prove that you are the rightful owner of your product

● Access numerous exclusive advantages and benefit from a unique, personalized link with the brand

● For all Le C-Bright Serums purchased on the website, you receive an email with a link to collect the Digital Passport of the sérum

● Click on “Claim your Digital Passport” to access the dedicated web-page to your account

● Enter your email address and click on “Connect with a link”

● Access your email box and click on the link you’ve received

● You are redirected to your account and now the owner of your Digital Product Passport. You can enjoy all its enriched features !

Your Digital Passport is already secured ! It is collected into a dedicated account (accessible at https://ulebeauty.app.arianee.com/connect) where, once your email address entered, a unique and temporary link will be sent to access this account. The e-mail address entered will be the only one that can access your account with all your Digital Product Passports.

● Please note that only Le C-Bright serums come with a digital passport

● If you product is Le C-Bright serum, please contact us at contact@arianee.org

● That’s a surprise ! Just collect your Digital Product Passport to know your reward. It's 100% winning!

● You have until February 29th to win a gift by collecting a Digital Passport.

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