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Skin Diagnosis
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Le C-Bright

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pictogramme avec emprunte digitale symbolisant la sensorialité
Sensoriality (texture, perfume)
Helps retain skin's moisture level.
Used to moisturize the skin.
Makes the skin soft and supple.
Helps to keep the skin's moisture level.
Stabilizer agent.
Makes the skin soft and supple.
Helps to soothe irritated skin and prevents dehydration.
Provides emollient and hydrating effect.
Used to obtain a balanced and stable emulsion.
Viscosing & emulsifying agent.
Moisturizes and protects the skin from irritation.
Helps to keep skin's moisture level.
pictogramme avec cadenas et bouclier symbolisant la sécurité
Denaturing agent.
Preservative agent.
Antifungal preservative.
pictogramme avec des atomes symbolisant des vitamines
Active Ingredients
Boosts collagen synthesis and helps revitalize the skin's surface. 
Reduces the effect of stress on cells and protects against oxidative stress.
Delivers a strong anti-inflammatory and destressing effect on skin.
Helps to reduce cell damages and prevents skin aging.
Promotes skin oxygenation, smoothes wrinkles and fine lines, protects skin against blue light radiations.
Highly reduces oxidative stress
Soothe the skin and restore its balance by supporting the its natural defense system.
Helps to improve skin texture by minimizing the appearance of pores.
Fights against signs of photo-aging
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