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Vertical Farm

We are the first skincare brand to use vertical farming—a pure and controlled environment where we grow fresh and pure plants from across the world.


The Ule Eco-Farm redefines nature through the innovation of vertical farming. Indoor and high-tech, our vertical farm, in partnership with TowerFarm, is an agricultural and technological breakthrough in terms of eco-responsibility, efficacy and safety. 

Indoor Culture

We use natural innovation to vertically stack our plants in our indoor farm, maximizing space and protecting them from unreliable weather, pollution or pests. This method allows to have 100% traceable products.  

Fresh & Pure 

Our plants are 100% pesticide free and our botanists carefully monitor their wellbeing and nurture them so they can reach their maximum potential. 


95% of water used is recycled. No contact with the ground, therefore no toxic discharge, therefore no pollution of the soil and groundwater.

Proven Efficacy

We grow our plants in a cocoon, controlled environment and use them fresh. So basically we are getting the most potency possible out of our botanicals for your skin.

Oh la Plump
Oh la Plump

The Full Potential of Nature

At the heart of our formulas is the Pure 3otany™ Blend, a trinity of high-performance, ancestral plants : Centella, Tulsi, and Coleus.

Once the plants have fully grown to maturity, they are hand-harvested and cold-milled with a proprietary maceration process, from root to leaf. This means that every formula contains the purest and most active form of the plant —so you get a power dose of benefits in the smallest amount of product, to boost your skin's natural resilience. 




Vertical agriculture consists of growing food products in vertical structures in order to produce more in less space, to meet a need for proximity (short supply chains) in a context of densification of urban areas. It covers several soilless cultivation techniques, in a closed environment enabling to free oneself from meteorological constraints:

- aeroponics, where the roots are in the open air and the nutrient solution is regularly sprayed on them

- hydroponics, where the roots are immersed in the nutrient solution

- aquaponics, where the roots are dipped in water enriched by the excrement of fish raised on the farm

The vertical farm allows us to have a production in short circuit, completely traceable and ethical. Thanks to this supply close to the manufacturing site, the plants are transformed and integrated into our formulas as soon as they are picked, which allows them to preserve all their freshness. Cultivated above ground, they are kept away from all contamination and pesticides, to offer you a 100% pure formula. Finally, vertical farming allows us to limit our impact on the environment: -90% water used, no toxic waste, no pollution of the soil or groundwater, no negative impact on local ecosystems.

This is not to replace traditional agriculture, which also has its strengths and weaknesses, but to complement it. In particular, in the case of the cosmetics sector, a more consistent supply of vertical farms would reduce the amount of land dedicated to the production of cosmetic products, thus allowing agricultural land to be freed up for food crops or ecosystems such as forests.

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