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Glowy Skin
Glowy Skin

The Essentials

A 3-step skincare routine for a glowy skin

[1] - Start with LE BEAU RESET, the floral mist to rebalance your microbiome

[2] - Then apply OH LA PLUMP, the quenching serum with hyaluronic acid for a radiant tone

[3] - End with JE SUIS CHILL, the hydra-fortifying CBD cream for a stronger skin

Results : +93% of hydration after 30 minutes

They talk about us

Audrey | 7 de junio de 2022

"I really like this mist, it's very light on application. It moisturizes my skin perfectly and evens out the complexion."

Vanessa | 23 de junio de 2022

" I had a big crush on this serum. It is refreshing and quickly absorbed. My skin is hydrated and more radiant. I love the packaging that delivers the desired amount. "

Semra | 3 de junio de 2022

"I really like the texture of the cream that melts into my skin and intensely hydrates it. My skin is radiant, redness soothed, facial contour plumped."

textures produit ulé
entonnoir avec sérum en préparation
main qui tient une plante
textures produit ulé

Natural products
powered by Science

We partnered with a community of experts, including botanists, formulation scientists and nutritionists to formulate natural products that work.

Our highly concentrated extracts from our eco-farm are combined with additional tech ingredients for resilient, glowing skin.

visage souriant au soleil
visage souriant au soleil

Skin Diagnosis

Let's understand your skin !

Discover your personalized ritual for inner and outer beauty

Let's start
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Our formulas contain at least 96% natural ingredients. In our Eco-Farm, we cultivate the plants of our Pure Botany Blend which we extract and process nearby.

Picto about us | Ulé


Our Eco-Farm allows for 100% pure, traceable and pesticide-free crops. We have gone beyond the regulations by banning double the number of ingredients to anticipate the expectations of our consumers.

Picto about us | Ulé


We chose to use the whole plant, from leaves to roots, to ensure a greater molecular diversity. More than 139 molecules could be identified.

Picto about us | Ulé


We prioritize the use of recycled materials. 340 km travelled between the seed of Pure Botany Blond and the bottling. Through our ingredients, formulas and packaging, we seek to minimize the energy consumed and the material used.

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