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Tout est Clear

Regulating Serum


Customer Results*:
95% of women agreed their skin was supple
90% of women agreed skin felt clarified
90% of women agreed it reduces the appearance of pores
95% of women felt it improves skin texture
89% of women agreed skin is more resilient

Clinical Performance:
+63% improvement of hydration level**
+15% improvement in skin elasticity***
+33% improvement of skin smoothness****

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How to apply

Step 1

Apply a few small drops of serum directly onto face.

Step 2

Use fingertips to softly smooth serum onto face using an upward motion.

Step 3

Use palms to gently press the serum into skin.

They talk about it

Audrey | April 29, 2022

" I really liked the texture of the product which is very easy to apply. This serum is very gentle, it reduces my blemishes. I am pleasantly surprised with the effectiveness of this product. "

Nelia | April 28, 2022

" The texture and the perfume are very pleasant. The packaging is very beautiful. My skin texture is less visible. The application is very easy. I love this serum very much. "

Erdem | April 28, 2022

" I have mixed skin with sebum and small imperfections, but since I use it I feel like I have no more worries and that my skin is back to normal. My skin is matified, I have much less pimples. "

Sylvia | April 28, 2022

" I love this product, it really helps regulate skin imperfections. Its texture is fluid and penetrates perfectly and very quickly. I also love its scent of neroli and lavender. "

Stéphanie | April 28, 2022

" The format is really convenient to use just the right amount of product. The smell and the application are pleasant, not sticky at all, penetrates very well into the skin in short I love it. "

Cindy | April 27, 2022

" I really appreciate this serum, it helps to regulate my skin. I could notice a reduction of my imperfections and a unified complexion. I highly recommend it. "

Julie | April 27, 2022

" Really a great product, I highly recommend it for daily use, my skin is so much more beautiful. "

Renée | April 25, 2022

" I really appreciate this serum. I could see a real difference quickly, it eliminates blemishes on the face. "

Emi | April 25, 2022

" This serum is very effective on my skin, it is pleasant to apply, not fat, not sticky, it penetrates quickly. I apply it morning and evening. From day to day my skin is clearer. "

*In-use test on 20 women after 28 days of use
**Instrumental test on 11 women 30 minutes after application

***Instrumental test on 19 women after 28 days of use

****Clinical test on 19 women after 28 days of use

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