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Oh la Plump

Quenching serum


Customer Results:
95% of women agreed their skin was supple
90% of women felt skin is plumped
85% of women felt skin had more density
95% of women felt their skin was glowy
100% of women felt it is suited for their sensitive skin

Clinical Performance:
+89% improvement of hydration level** -25% decrease in redness***

-14% decrease in the appearance of fine lines*
+80% improvement of skin radiance***
-43% decrease in dryness aspect***

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How to apply

Step 1

Apply a few small drops of serum directly onto face.

Step 2

Use fingertips to lightly pat serum into skin using an upward motion.

They talk about it

Emilie | April 29, 2022

" Texture gel, fluid and transparent, which penetrates quickly. Its smell is fresh and natural. The skin is immediately moisturized, seems already smoothed and comfortable. I love it! "

Amélie | April 28, 2022

"Very nice to use, the glass bottle is so cute. The serum absorbs quickly into the skin and does not leave a greasy or sticky film. Skin feels very comfortable after application. "

Véronique | April 27, 2022

" This serum is just top notch , it is non-greasy, penetrates well on the skin, I recommend it 100/100. "

Sara | April 27, 2022

" I use it every morning and evening, it moisturizes the skin well with a very quick result. The packaging is beautiful. "

Vanessa | April 27, 2022

" I had a big crush on this serum. It is refreshing and quickly absorbed. My skin is hydrated and more radiant. I love the bottle with the pipette that delivers the desired amount. "

Chris | April 26, 2022

" This serum is great. It has a fluid texture and is very concentrated, so you don't need to put much on. It is refreshing and smoothes my fine lines. Its floral scent is light, it smells slightly like lily of the valley. "

Monique | April 25, 2022

" Simple serum but makes all the difference, it wakes up the skin, gives it radiance and acts on fine lines. Suitable even for ultra sensitive skin like mine. "

*In-use test on 20 women after 28 days
**Instrumental test on 11 women after 28 days of use
***Clinical test on 20 women after 28 days of use.

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