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Je suis Chill

Fortifying CBD moisturizer

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Clinical results

Upon application:
-12% of redness*

30 minutes after application :

+82% hydration**

After 28 days of use:

+23% skin elasticity***

-47% less redness***
+46% improvement in skin radiance

Respects the microbiome*****

Strengthens the skin barrier*****

Our users say:

100% of them find their skin better nourished****

85% find their skin stronger*****

90% find their skin more supple, firmer and less tired looking*****

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How to apply

step 1

Use fingertip to dab a small amount of moisturizer directly onto skin.

step 2

Gently massage into skin using fingers to evenly distribute. Can also be used on neck.

step 3

Use palms to gently press into skin.

They talk about it

Stéphanie | April 29, 2022

"Hydrates and soothes the skin. Its light texture penetrates very quickly and does not leave a greasy film on the skin. The glass jar with its recycled look cap I love it!"

Véronique | April 29, 2022

"I am happy with this cream, its texture is light, penetrates well on the skin, it moisturizes all day, I appreciate its pleasant and light perfume, my skin found its natural brightness."

Hanen | April 28, 2022

"I like its formula, its non-greasy and non-sticky texture. It moisturizes my skin well, it is a sensory cream with a delicate perfume. It is the 1st time that I discover a cream with CBD and I am delighted."

Caroline | April 28, 2022

"I'm speechless when it comes to creams, I've tried many but this one is the nugget of nuggets. In just a few days, I noticed effects. Finally a cream that meets all my expectations!"

Julie | April 28, 2022

"I love the enchanting smell. It is easy to apply and penetrates very well. My skin is not greasy or sticky. I like its composition which is top."

Nelly | April 27, 2022

"This CBD cream is amazing!!! My skin is softer, more hydrated, more comforted. It has gained in firmness. My complexion is unified and more radiant. Tested and approved++"

Elodie | April 27, 2022

"I love this cream its packaging is super cute I like it a lot. I apply it morning and night, the texture is soft, my skin is soothed and hydrated. I totally recommend this cream!"

Véronique | April 27, 2022

"I am a fan of this brand, it keeps all its promises, my face is protected, soft, smooth, moisturized, I love its scent I recommend and I approve 100%."

Céline | April 27, 2022

"My skin has never been so well hydrated! It penetrates quickly, I really like its fresh scent, my skin is soothed and less fragile. It's a real favorite!"

Khalida | April 26, 2022

"Very good cream that moisturizes the skin, the skin is well soothed and nourished in depth. The smell is not unpleasant and does not leave a greasy finish."

Virginie | April 26, 2022

"An excellent moisturizing, strengthening and natural cream. It helps to firm the skin, reduce redness and has a very effective effect on wrinkles. The plus: it is made in France"

Edwige | April 26, 2022

"I love the glass packaging it is really cute. The cream has a sweet and pleasant scent. It penetrates quickly and doesn't leave an oily finish. My skin is beautiful and moisturized."

Laetitia | April 26, 2022

"It's really a nice discovery, the texture is super nice, you really don't need much for a hydrated face. My skin is soft and moisturized so it's great."

Virginie | April 25, 2022

"Vegan products and made in France. The texture and the smell are very pleasant. The product penetrates easily in the skin and leaves it supple and nourished. The rednesses are faded."

Adeline | April 25, 2022

"This cream has a light and unctuous texture. My skin is soothed and more supple. I also noticed that my skin is firmer and less tired."

Dliy | April 25, 2022

"Oh what a great discovery! This care is of a superb quality! I really like the texture that penetrates quickly without leaving a greasy film. It soothes and smoothes my skin instantly."

Aurore | April 25, 2022

"Perfect texture, neither too fluid nor too compact. My skin absorbs it immediately. It is perfectly moisturized and looks stronger with each use."

* Clinical test on 22 women aged 31 to 54.

**Instrumental test on 11 women between 22 and 60 years old with dry to very dry skin.

***Instrumental test on 19 to 20 women aged 31 to 54.

****Self-evaluation on 20 to 22 women aged 31 to 54 immediately after application of the CBD cream I am Chill.

*****Self-evaluation on 20 to 22 women aged 31 to 54 after application of the CBD cream I am Chill for 28 days.

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